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1964 Sep 23 We
Margaret Thatcher

Election Leaflet

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From Mrs Margaret Thatcher

For the PAST five years I have had the honour to represent the constituents of Finchley and Friern Barnet in the House of Commons.

Throughout that time I have endeavoured to serve your interests faithfully and well, and have always paid special attention to your personal difficulties.

I am now asking for a renewal of your confidence for the NEXT five years.

As your representative at Westminster I should continue to devote myself to your individual problems and to be available as always for interviews.

As a Conservative Candidate I support the broad general policy of the Conservative party believing that it would be best for the future of Great Britain. My election campaign will be POSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE. At the many public meetings which have been arranged I shall describe Conservative policy fully, and shall answer the many questions put from the audience.

Margaret H. Thatcher