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1963 Oct 23 We
Margaret Thatcher

Remarks to Finchley Methodist Youth Club

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Remarks
Venue: Essex Park, Finchley
Source: Finchley Press, 15 November 1963
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Editorial comments: 2000. The Finchley Times reported the speech on 1 November.
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Mrs Thatcher at Youth Club

A day in the life of a Member of Parliament was the subject of a fascinating talk given by Mrs. Margaret Thatcher MP for Finchley & Friern Barnet when she spoke to the Finchley Methodist Church Youth Club at Essex Park. Mrs. Thatcher told of the Opening of Parliamentary Proceedings with prayer, the lively question time and the personal attendance of the Prime Minister who answered questions on Tuesdays and Fridays, a practice unique among world governments.

She described the manner of opening debates and the subsequent hammering out of policy by discussion, the making of new laws and repealing old ones, some of which went back to the 14th Century. Other things mentioned were the selection of speakers, the mode of addressing members, the office of the whips and the examination of new laws of committees. Her postbag was heavy and she welcomed it, it showed how laws were working in the lives of constituents.

After Mrs. Thatcher had answered many questions, the Chairman warmly thanked her for her interesting talk and Mrs. Jennifer Boutiar presented her with a bouquest.