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1963 Oct 2 We
Margaret Thatcher

Speech opening Conservative fashion show

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Venue: Conservative Hall, 267 Ballards Lane, Finchley
Source: Finchley Press, 11 October 1963
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The M.P. and the coat

Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, M.P. for Finchley, admires an elegant brown coat with natural blue fox collar at the St. Paul's Ward Ladies' Committee fashion, show last week.

Mrs. Thatcher was among the enthusiastic spectators at the Conservative Hall, Ballards-lane.

She opened the show with a short speech about the “pure pleasure” of a fashion show, and its practical advantages.

“One is apt to see the very outfit you want walking down the High-road in Finchley,” she commented. “Now we are able to see it walking across the stage. We know exactly where it comes from, exactly what it costs, and exactly where to go and get it.”

She went on to mention the models, all of whom were making their first attempt at modelling. She said that because they were just ordinary people like ourselves, for once we would not get an impression of a dress that was completely false because we could never look the same in it as the young and elegant model we saw it on.

The show was given by a Church End. Finchley, shop, and the compere Mrs. Eileen Chorley, of Glenhill-close. Finchley, emphasised with pride, the fact that none of the clothes shown had been altered in any way.

Credit for the efficient organisation goes to Mrs. Lilian Thomas of Redbourne-avenue, and the nine models, all members of St. Paul's Ward Ladies' Committee.

Background music was provided by Miss. Tracy Richardson of Moss Hall-crescent. Finchley, and the afternoon ended with a raffle.

Admission to the show was 3s. 6d. and all the proceeds went to the Conservative Association.