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1963 Jun 22 Sa
Margaret Thatcher

Speech at Finchley Conservative Fair

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Document kind: Speech
Venue: Conservative Hall, 267 Ballards Lane, Finchley
Source: Finchley Press, 28 June 1963
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Themes: Conservative Party (organization), Conservative Party (history), General Elections, Leadership

‘Tragedy if PM falls’ says MP

“It would be a tragedy if Harold Macmillanthe Prime Minister; after his magnificent record of service for his country and his party, should be brought down by the transgressions of John Profumoone man” , said Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, MP for Finchley and Friern Barnet, at the annual Conservative Fair held in the Conservative Hall, North Finchley, on Saturday.

Said Mrs. Thatcher: “The Prime Minister is a man of the highest integrity and honour and should not, therefore, suffer for someone whose standards were not as high as his own.”

Mrs. Thatcher thought that the policies pursued since the last general election were the right ones and were now showing fruit.


Mrs. Thatcher went on to say that elections were not won by individual members of parties but by parties as a whole. “If Winston Churchill could not win the 1945 election then there was not a man alive who could” , she added.

The fact that there was a record attendance at the fair showed. Mrs. Thatcher thought, that the members of the association were steadfast and loyal in supporting the Government at this time.