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1963 Apr 20 Sa
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Finchley Conservatives (Association Dinner Dance)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Selborne Hall, Cherry Tree, Southgate
Source: Finchley Press, 26 April 1963
Editorial comments: Evening.
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 351
Themes: Conservatism, Labour Party & socialism

Tories ‘massive achievement’

We are creators—says M.P.

Finchley and Friern Barnet Conservative and Unionist Association are optimistic, cheerful and fighting fit. “We shall fight, and we shall win” , said Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, MP for Finchley and Friern Barnet, at the association's annual dinner dance at Selborne Hall, Cherry Tree, Southgate, on Saturday evening.

Accompanied by her husband, Mr. Denis Thatcher, Mrs. Thatcher wore a full-skirted dress in black, corded taffetas with a corsage of freesia and roses.

“The Conservative Party has a record of massive achievement over a very long time,” said Mrs. Thatcher. “We build things up; we are the creators. The Labour Party comes in without a record, and promises the earth. Their contradictory verdicts on the Budget were a matter for light amusement. They have been five years saving their faces, and they have so many.

“Mere words mean nothing.” and here Mrs. Thatcher quoted the story of the ship's captain who disliked his mate. He wrote in his log-book: “Mate drunk to-day,” whereon the mate wrote the next day: “Captain sober, all day.”

Massive achievement

To the Conservative Party's credit, said Mrs. Thatcher “is a massive achievement in the modernisation of Britain at a rate we can afford, and fulfilment of the responsibilities of a great nation, abroad.

“We have built new schools and new roads, and increased benefits to the people. We have tremendous reason to go out and cheer.”

The evening had a happy coincidence in the fact that Lady Churchill, who with Sir Winston, is known to appreciate the culinary capabilities of the Cherry Tree chefs, was in fact dining in the old-world restaurant of the hotel, while Mrs. Thatcher was speaking.

Mr. Derek G. Webster, chairman who, with Mrs. Webster received the guests, quoted in his introductory remarks, the words of the Prime Minister: “We have got to start thinking victory and also talking victory.”