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1961 Apr 22 Sa
Margaret Thatcher

Speech at Finchley British and Foreign Bible Society sale

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Speech
Venue: Congregational Church, North Finchley
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Editorial comments: See Finchley Press, 28 April 1961. MT was opening the annual sale of work for the Finchley and District Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society. "Mrs Thatcher said that she was pleased to add her support and tribute to what the society does. She went on to say that she was sent to church every Sunday when she was a child, and the words that she became familiar with in her childhood stayed with her all her life. Mrs Thatcher said that she hoped the work they were doing would get that result in the children of today. "The important work of giving life a purpose rests with the churches. I trust your work will continue and grow, as this is the only way life receives that purpose". Mrs Thatcher closed with the remark that she anticipated the treasurer would be a very happy man at the end of the day".
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Themes: Autobiography (childhood), Religion & morality