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1960 Dec 23 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Christmas message

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Source: Finchley Press, 23 December 1960
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And from our M.P.

Each year as Christmas approaches we notice that the commercial preparations for its celebration increase. More streets are decorated with lights, more Christmas cards are sent, more presents are bought and more money is spent than ever before. These out-ward signs of the Christmas season give a lot of pleasure to the children (and a lot of expense to their parents!), but they do not bring home the true spirit of Christmas with its eternal message of Peace on earth, Goodwill towards men.

This year I have been deeply impressed with the plight of the newly-widowed mother who has young children to support. Just when her grief is greatest she has to rise to more responsibilities than she has ever before faced. The children too are at a loss to understand the tragedy that has befallen them. May I appeal to those of you who know such cases to do everything you can to brighten their lives and to bring some joy and happiness to their homes.

My Denis Thatcherhusband and I wish you a happy Christmas and a good New Year. Margaret Thatcher.