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1960 Mar 11 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Friern Barnet Conservatives (North Ward AGM)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: ?Friern Barnet
Source: Finchley Press, 11 March 1960
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Themes: Parliament, Monetary policy, Taxation, Foreign policy (Asia), Foreign policy (Central & Eastern Europe), Foreign policy (Western Europe - non-EU), Housing

Hopes Tax Will Come Down

MP's Views on the Future

At the annual general meeting of Friern Barnet North Ward Conservative Branch, Councillor W. H. Tangye presided.

Mrs. M. Thatcher, M.P., addressing the meeting said that since becoming an MP., she had been impressed by the sameness and contradictory nature of many of the Socialist questions in the House, and the great patience of Ministers in answering them.

On Foreign Affairs she thought that China would become more and more important as a protagonist of Communism, and she stressed the great difficulty of the German question.

On the coming Budget she did not think there would be much to ‘give away’, it could not be inflationary after the rise in the Bank Rate.

She looked forward over the next four years and hoped that any reduction in taxation in that period would be in the form of reducing the standard rate of income tax.

On the Social services she said that of the many questions asked by people in the Finchley Division the great majority were about housing. There was still a great need for new housing and private enterprise could do the job, but it was still a great problem. One of the troubles left over from the Rent Act was the fact that many people had got used to paying too low a rent.

Election of Officers and Committee;

Cr. Tangye was re-elected President.

Mr. L. P. Stilts, elected Treasurer.

Mr. E. Edward Sole, elected Secretary.

Mr. F. L. Webb, F.C.A. elected Auditor.

Mr. D. P. Marshall of Buckingham Avenue, who is the Conservative candidate at the local council election in May was introduced to the meeting.

In his report, the Chairman of the Branch, Mr. L. Medcalf, said that in addition to their invaluable work in the two elections the Women's Committee had contributed financially as generously as ever and the Branch was very pleased to record once more great appreciation of all the work they have done. This Committee consisted of Mrs. Dunwoody (Chairman) Mrs. Stockdale (Treasurer) Mrs. Juniper (Secretary) and Mesdames. Heys Peart, O'Shaughnessy and Owen.

Of the Executive Committee. Mr. Medcalf said:

“I would particularly like to remark on the resignation of our Secretary, Mr. Dunwoody, and say how much we regret this, while not begrudging him a well-earned rest. Mr. Dunwoody first became Secretary just after the war and has remained in that office ever since, fulfilling his duties most efficiently. He was the main force in rebuilding the organisation and in building up and maintaining our force of collectors and distributors. May I include in our thanks. Mrs. Dunwoody who is also resigning, for her years of service on this Committee and her excellent work as Chairman of the Women's Committee. Mr. and Mrs. Dunwoody have, of course, also been prominent in all the work connected with our local elections.

“Also leaving the Executive Committee after twelve years of service as Treasurer is Mr. Peart, who has also represented the Conservatives on the Friern Barnet Council, and Mrs. Peart. I should like to express our gratitude for their long term of office and note with pleasure that Mrs. Peart remains on the Women's Committee. We are always pleased to welcome newcomers to the committee and it is most important that from time to time we should have new members to replace the wastage which inevitably occurs” .

A collection was taken for World Refugee Fund.

Committee re-elected, County Councillor Mrs. F. Timpson; Mr. L. Ross; Mr. L. E. Bull; Mr. S. F. C. Richardson: Mr. L. Medcalf.

New members:—Mr. J. K. Morgan; Mrs. M. Morgan; Mr. J. McGavin; Mrs. G. W. McGavin; Miss McAllister; Mrs. Lewis Barclay; Mr. C. B. Judson.