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Margaret Thatcher

TV Interview for ITN (after maiden speech) [MT's first television interview]

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: The Dormers, Holwood Park Avenue, Farnborough, Kent
Source: ITN Archive: News At Ten 11 February 1975
Journalist: Neville Clarke, ITN
Editorial comments: Time uncertain. The interview - 69 seconds - was broadcast at 1745. ITN can no longer trace the film, but the greater part of it was shown on News At Ten the day MT won the party leadership in 1975. An index card in the ITN Archive provides details of the preceding material: "Mrs Thatcher and her twins with Neville Clarke on sofa: sound over film: "Speaking was very much an ordeal - has done public speaking but in House of Commons it is unique for quality of audience most of whom have more experience" ".
Importance ranking: Key
Word count: 160
Themes: Autobiographical comments, Autobiography (marriage & children)

David Rose

After an exceptional maiden speech, one daring reporter even asked if she thought she would ever reach the front benches.


Well, I think we'll just try to be a very good back-bencher first—certainly until these two are a little older, I couldn't take on any more political responsibilities—these responsibilities are quite enough.


Have you been able to combine your political life with looking after a family, running a home?


Well, I mainly do the catering here—I love cooking and I do the shopping, and always a big batch of cooking at the weekend, and of course there are the parliamentary recesses, which coincide with the school holidays, so I can see quite a good bit of the children and take them out, and at half term they come up to the House of Commons and have lunch with me.