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1960 Jan 8 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Friern Barnet Young Conservatives

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Venue: Finchley
Source: Finchley Press, 22 January 1960
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House Full

Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, MP, paid a visit to Friern Barnet Young Conservatives last Friday evening. She spoke to members on the work of a Member of Parliament and the procedure in the House of Commons. There was, she explained, only room for about 400 members in the Chamber of the House. However, Members usually only attend debates which effect their Constituency or in which they have some special interest, but on such occasions at Budget Day the Chamber is crowded beyond its capacity. Business in the House starts at 2.30 pm, beginning with five minutes of Prayers, and continuing with Question Time followed by the “other business” .

Mrs. Thatcher also spoke of many other aspects of an MP's life such as dealing with correspondence, seeing constituents, attending Committees, etc. After her talk, Mrs. Thatcher answered questions put to her by members, and was thanked for her interesting talk by Mr. John Powell who was in the chair. Young Conservatives were also pleased to welcome to their meeting that night their president, Cr. E. Fergusson Taylor and one of their vice-president's, Cr. Mrs. Mackrill, accompanied by Mr. Mackrill. The speaker at the next meeting on Friday, 22nd January, will be Mr. Bruce Wootton from the RAF Escaping Society.