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1959 Dec 23 We
Margaret Thatcher

Christmas message

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Source: Finchley Press, 23 December 1959
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Christmas, and with two bright youngsters of her own, twins Mark and Carol, Finchley's Member of Parliament. Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, thinks of children everywhere at this time of the year. In a greetings message to everyone in her constituency of Finchley and Friern Barnet, she writes:

“For children Christmas is a time for receiving lots of presents, for going to parties, and for seeing pantomimes. For parents it is a time of busy preparations, of decorating the home, of searching for suitable gifts and in the case of mothers, of doing a seemingly endless amount of cooking. The children have only learned the pleasure of receiving; parents have come to know that true happiness lies in giving.

“It is natural that we should concentrate on giving things to our families and close friends. Perhaps this year more of us could remember the true Christmas message, and also do some small thing for those who are less fortunate than ourselves—for children who do not come from good homes or for older folk who would otherwise be lonely.

“This year is World Refugee Year. There are millions of people who have fought for the freedom we now enjoy, but whose only hope of a future is founded on the belief that men of goodwill everywhere will join in helping them to start a new life.

“A happy Christmas to you all, and a peaceful and good New Year.”