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1959 Oct 14 We
Margaret Thatcher

Letter of thanks to constituents and local party workers

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Document kind: Letter
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Source: Finchley Press [undated cutting in Thatcher MSS]
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Themes: Conservative Party (organization), General Elections


Mrs. Thatcher Writes …

“I should like to thank all those who supported the Conservative cause by voting for me in the General Election. The result was a decisive Conservative victory. In this constituency Conservatives secured a clear majority over the Socialists and Liberals combined. In the country as a whole Harold Macmillanthe Prime Minister gained the mandate he so richly deserved.

“To our Conservative helpers I owe a special debt of gratitude. Their ceaseless efforts, their loyalty and enthusiasm were an inspiration to me. The credit for our victory belongs to the team, and I should like to pay special tribute to the outstanding leadership of Mr. C. H. Blatch.

“It is the duty of a Member of Parliament to represent all his or her constituents regardless of their political views. I shall carry out this duty to the best of my ability and look forward to several happy years in the service of Finchley and Friern Barnet” .

—Margaret Thatcher