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1959 Apr 15 We
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Young Conservatives

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Source: Finchley Press, 24 April 1959
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On Wednesday, last week, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Parliamentary Conservative candidate addressed the Finchley Young Conservatives. Mr. Keith Klean, Chairman presided, and an audience of over 100 young people heard Mrs. Thatcher speak on the effect of National Politics upon Local Government.

A lucid explanation of how Local Government is financed ensured with a special analysis of grants from the Central Government, Grants were made by the Central Government to Local Government for specific purposes but this method has now been replaced by the Block Grant System. Mrs. Thatcher explained that this new method gave greater power to the Local Government as they could then spend this money as they thought fit.

Mr. Robin Jenkinson proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs. Thatcher after she had answered numerous questions.