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Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Finchley Conservatives (Moss Hall Ward AGM)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Conservative Hall, Ballards Lane, North Finchley
Source: Finchley Press, 6 March 1959
Editorial comments: Evening.
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Themes: General Elections, Privatized & state industries, Liberal & Social Democratic Parties


At the annual general meeting of the Moss Hall Ward Conservative Association held at Conservative Hall on Wednesday, last week, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, the prospective Parliamentary candidate, suggested that the general election could possibly follow the local elections in May rather than next Autumn.

Mrs. Thatcher spoke of the danger of further nationalisation to industry. Already 25 per cent. of the country's economy is nationalised, and the country could stand no more.

The idea of the Liberal Party holding a balance of power in the next parliament would not work, Mrs. Thatcher said.

There would not be any stable government, either the Conservative or the Socialists would hold office for a short time before the Liberal Party decided it was time for a change, and before long another general election would be necessary to put things right—which should have been settled at the previous election.

The chair at the meeting was taken by the president of the ward, Ald. Percy Lawrence.

In his report for the past year, the chairman, Mr. H. F. Callcott, said that the Ladies Committee was doing very useful work. Mr. Callcott added that much hard work was needed for winning the local election in the ward this year.

Mr. J. C. Tiplady, the hon. treasurer, reported that the accounts showed a satisfactory balance in hand and said how the Committee welcomed the financial help from the Ladies Committee.

On his re-election as president, Mr. G. A. F. Kind, the hon. secretary paid tribute to Ald. P. Lawrence who had served Finchley Council for 21 years.

Cr. Major K. M. Cave, MC, was re-elected vice-president, Ald. Lawrence said that he would like to take the opportunity to announce to the ward that Major Cave had been proposed as Finchley's next Mayor, Mrs Thatcher and members present gave Major and Mrs Cave their warmest congratulations.

Mr. C. H. Blatch, the Divisional chairman, thanked the ward for its hard work during the past year. Moss Hall ward was one of the best organised in the Division and he said that the coming of Mrs. Thatcher had aroused fresh enthusiasm in Finchley.

Other officers elected were: chairman, Mr. H. F. Callcott; hon. treasurer, Mr. G. A. F. Kind; chairman, Social Sub-committee, Mr. V. S. Francis.

The Executive Committee is as follows: Mrs. Bromhead, Mrs. Callcott Mrs. Francis, Cr. Hart, Cr. Hartigan Mr. Hinton, Miss Kind, Mr. Nitz, Mr. and Mrs. Spurr, Mr. Stafford and Mrs Taverner.