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1959 Jan 1 Th
Margaret Thatcher

Message to Finchley electors

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Source: Signpost, January 1959
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Editorial comments: Signpost was a quarterly newsletter produced by the Conservative Association and distributed to every household in the constituency.
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 353
Themes: Parliament, General Elections


The first edition of this Newsletter represents one more step in our aim to take the Conservative viewpoint into every household in the Division. Our purpose is threefold—first, to expound the Conservative policy; secondly, to emphasise the achievements of the past seven years of Conservative Government; and, thirdly, to report on the activities of the Conservative Association in this Constituency.

Parliamentary Government has many shortcomings but it is still the best system of government that has yet been invented. At least once every five years each elector in casting his vote chooses not only his local Member of Parliament, but the Government that will be in power for the succeeding few years. It is this latter aspect of the vote which tends to make us fight elections on party political lines.

Let us be quite sure what the choice at the next General Election will entail. One thing is certain—that there will either be a Conservative Government or a Socialist Government next time. Each voter must therefore look to the policies and records of these two parties to see which of them he or she prefers. There will almost certainly be some points in both policies which do not exactly reflect the opinions of individual voters; but there is little to be gained by concentrating on these differences. The only question in issue at the next General Election is “Which? Conservative or Socialist?” The only realistic way to answer this question is to consider the broad general policies of those two parties and see which of them more nearly accords with your own views.

It was a great honour for me to be selected as prospective Conservative Candidate to serve the division of Finchley and Friern Barnet. Denis ThatcherMy husband and I count it a privilege to follow Sir John and Lady Crowder in the work which they have both done for the constituency thoughout the past twenty-three years. We are continually about the division—and we enjoy every moment of it. We wish you all a happy and prosperous year.