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1952 Nov 21 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech opening Dartford Conservative Women’s bazaar

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Electricity House, Erith, Kent
Source: Dartford Chronicle, 28 November 1952
Editorial comments: Afternoon?
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 435
Themes: Conservative Party (organization), Local elections


Introduced at Erith Bazaar

Dartford Divisional Conservative Association have appointed Miss Diana Meldrum as agent, and she was introduced to members at the women's association bazaar at Electricity House, Erith, on Friday.

Opening the bazaar, Mrs. Denis Thatcher, former Conservative candidate, expressed the hope that the membership would continue to increase and that new members would take over some of the work borne for so long by the older members.

Mrs. Jenns, chairman of the women's advisory council, presided and expressed appreciation of the large attendance and also of the excellence of the stalls. It was a pleasure to welcome new friends and especially Miss Meldrum.

Miss Meldrum assured members that she was looking forward to working among them, for her job was to help all branches. She did not believe in asking any voluntary worker to do anything she was not prepared to do herself. Therefore, if they wanted help she hoped they would tell her.

It was Mrs. Thatcher's fourth appearance at a bazaar organised by the women of the Division and she recalled that each previous occasion had been marked by a Conservative victory or other event. This time they had a now agent and she was pleased that they had chosen a woman.

Normally, when a party was returned to power it went back a little because of the normal swing of the electorate, but the opposite had happened to the Conservative Party this time.

A Good Sign

She hoped that when the local elections came along the story would be repeated and seats would be won. The attendance that day was the largest she had seen at one of their bazaars and she thought that a good sign for the future.

After Mrs. Thatcher had been presented with a bouquet by Mary Waller, Mr. Alec Webb expressed appreciation to “Our Margaret, who did wonderful things for our constituency when she was here” and, at considerable inconvenience, had returned to open that bazaar. She won their hearts with her sincerity and steadfastness.

Mr. J. F. L. Miller, seconding the vote of thanks, was certain that if they continued to work they would make a success of the Division. Mrs. Thatcher had been their inspiration, and if she continued her interest and they maintained their enthusiastic work they must succeed.

The stalls were organised and staffed by the following branches of the association: Abbey Wood, Belvedere North and South, Crayford, Barnehurst, Northumberland Heath, Erith, Bostall and Dartford.