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1952 Jan 15 Tu
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Heath Ward Conservatives

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Speech
Venue: Christ Church Hall, Dartford
Source: Dartford Chronicle, 18 January 1952
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Editorial comments: Evening? MT was presented with a silver tea set.
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 374
Themes: Autobiographical comments, Autobiography (marriage & children)


Presentation by Heath Ward

Recently returned from what she described as “an absolutely wonderful honeymoon,” which included a stay in Portugal, Madeira and Paris, Mrs. Denis Thatcher, formerly Miss Margaret Roberts, visited Dartford with her husband on Monday. She went to Christ Church Hall to receive a wedding present from Heath Ward of Dartford Conservative Association.

The gift was a silver tea service, comprising teapot, sugar basin and milk jug, and in presenting it, Councillor R. W. Woolcott (chairman of the ward) said it was a token of appreciation and regard. They hoped that many cups of tea would pour from the pot, bringing with them happy memories of Heath Ward.

Councillor Woolcott recalled the days when Mrs. Thatcher, as Dartford's Conservative candidate, lived in the division with him and his wife. He said they both came to love her, because she was a most lovable girl, and now she had gone away it was like losing a daughter.

Accomplished Pianist

As Miss Roberts, her capabilities as a politician were known to them all. He revealed that she was also an accomplished pianist, masterly with her needle, and able to do anything in the home. He had never known her to lose her temper, even when there was a power cut when she was getting ready for a meeting and she had to hunt for her papers with a candle.

Mr. Cyril Stedman expressed on behalf of all present how they had appreciated the wonderful personality, work and uplift experienced through the last three years. They deeply regretted that a change had to be necessary, but they sincerely offered their best wishes for Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher's happiness and prosperity.

In expressing thanks for the gift, Mrs. Thatcher said it was generous of the ward to give them such a lovely tea service and revealed that the design was the one which she and her husband had admired in a shop and would have chosen. Like all other women, she liked nice table ware, and she would be proud of the tea service, and hoped that a lot of them would join her in having a cup of tea from it.

Mr. Thatcher added his thanks.