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1951 Dec 6 Th
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Dartford Conservatives

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Document kind: Speech
Venue: Conservative Club, Picardy Road, Dartford, Kent
Source: Dartford Chronicle, 14 December 1951
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Editorial comments: Evening? Party workers said a political "farewell" to MT.
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Themes: Autobiographical comments, Conservative Party (organization)


Presentations to Miss Roberts

“With her energy, ability and her wonderful qualities she has raised the association from a mediocre affair to something which is alive.”

This tribute, by Mr. Hugh Goff, was one of many paid at Dartford Conservative Club on Thursday last week to Miss Margaret Roberts, who unsuccessfully fought Dartford in the Conservative interest in the General Election. Friends and workers in the cause were saying a political “farewell” to Miss Roberts, and presentations were made to her and her fiance, Mr. Dennis Thatcher.

Mr. Morris Wheeler, president of the association, welcomed Miss Roberts. Other notabilities present included Mr. J. Miller (chairman) and Mrs. Miller, Mrs. D. M. Fletcher, (vice-chairman and also chairman of the Women's Advisory Council), Mr. J. Gates, Mrs. Jenns, Mr. Goff, (vice-chairman and hon. treasurer) and Mr. A. E. Allsopp (agent).

Mr. Miller, who presided, spoke appreciatively of all Miss Roberts had done for the division and of how she had put it “on the map.” Dartford had benefited greatly by her inspiration and friendly help to all, and they had met to wish her and Mr. Thatcher every happiness in their married life.

Presenting a silver salver on behalf of the association, Mr. Morris Wheeler said the greatest compliment he could pay to Miss Roberts was that she had worked hard as candidate and had been liked by everyone.

Mrs. Fletcher gave a petit point dressing set and powder bowl from the Women's Advisory Council; Mr. John Dove, Belvedere S. Ward branch, presented an electric iron; Mrs. I Kenniston, on behalf of Brent Ward, gave a silver coffee percolator; Mr. K. Tisdell, Crayford Young Conservatives, gave a tray; Mr. Alan Brown, Dartford Young Conservatives, gave a salad bowl and servers; Miss Pat Luker, Dartford Town Ward, gave a silver toast rack on stand; Mrs. G. M. Hepburn. Town Ward and Old Church Erith, gave bath towels; Mr. C. H. J. Manthorpe, Town Ward, Crayford, gave a case of grape fruit spoons and knife; Mr. H. Fish, Dartford Conservative Club members, gave a cheque.

Mr. Thatcher and Miss Roberts said that what she had done could not have been accomplished but for the co-operation of so many. She thanked all for their kindness and their gifts, and hoped to meet her Dartford Division friends in the future and to entertain some of them at her home.