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1951 Oct 8 Mo
Margaret Thatcher

1951 Election Pamphlet

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Editorial comments: The exact date of issue is uncertain but from a list of projected meetings printed on the reverse (not included in this item) it must have been before 11 October 1951.
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Themes: Agriculture, Commonwealth (general), Conservative Party (organization), Defence (general), Economy (general discussions), Industry, General Elections, Monetary policy, Privatized & state industries, Environment, Foreign policy (USA), Housing


1. Safety of the Nation

To preserve peace, we must be strong. National Safety comes first. Defence therefore has top priority.

2. Unity of the West

Friendship and unity with English speaking peoples provides the firmest foundation for joint action in the event of danger.

3. Commonwealth and Empire

Progress and cohesion of the Empire and Commonwealth is vital for our present and future well-being. We must stand together and help each other with all our strength both in Defence and Trade.

4. Cost of Living

Careful spending of public money is needed to restore the value of the Pound. All effort must be concentrated on achieving greater production.

5. Housing

Housing has priority second only to national defence. The Conservative Target remains 300,000 a year. Freedom must be given to the builder to build more houses.

6. Food

Practical knowledge and business experience will be used to comb the world for greater supplies. Food subsidies will not be radically changed under present circumstances.

7. Workers' Charter

The Conservative Workers' Charter for industry will be brought into being as soon as possible.

8. Nationalisation

The Iron and Steel Act will be repealed. Private Road Hauliers will be given a chance to return to business.

9. Town and Country Planning Act

The whole system of Town Planning and development charges needs drastic overhaul.

10. Leadership and Conservative Faith

The Conservative Party stands not for any section of the people but for all. Strong leadership and firm guidance from the government will help to overcome the difficulties into which our country has been plunged.

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