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1951 Oct 8 Mo
Margaret Thatcher

Interview for Daily Graphic

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Interview
Venue: ?Dartford, Kent
Source: Daily Graphic, 9 October 1951
Journalist: -
Editorial comments: Summary by editor, including all of MT's quoted speech. Full text available on CD-ROM only. Exact time and place of interview uncertain.
Importance ranking: Trivial
Word count: 168
Themes: Autobiographical comments, General Elections
Editor's summary, including all of MT reported speech: MT in upbeat form was reported to be planning to stand her Labour opponent, Norman Dodds, lunch at the House of Commons after beating him at the next election. (He had done the same for her after the last one.)

“When hecklers stand up at my meeting I get a mental jump for joy,” she commented.

“It gives me something to get my teeth into—and the audiences love it.”