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1951 Jul 6 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Dartford Conservative Women

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Speech
Venue: Broomfields, Wilmington
Source: Dartford Chronicle, 6 July 1951
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Themes: Autobiographical comments, General Elections



The Conservative Party will not be caught napping when the time for the General Election comes, according to the prospective Conservative candidate for the Dartford Division (Miss Margaret Roberts).

She referred when opening the annual garden party at the lovely house and grounds of Broomfields, Wilmington, to the continual reminders which were always being made with regard to a possible election at any time. She admitted that in the summer months it was a temptation to forget all about politics. This lapse of memory was not confined to the politicians, but also affected those who were not so actively concerned. Miss Roberts urged her listeners to spare a thought for the Members closeted in the House during the good weather.

Thanking Mrs. B. Waterman (president) for lending Broom-fields for the garden party, Miss Roberts pointed out that it was not actually in the Dartford Division. “I warn Chislehurst, however,” she said, “that if there is a re-distribution of seats we should want this to come into the Dartford Division.”

Mrs. D. Fletcher (chairman of the women's section of the Divisional Association) proposed a vote of thanks to Miss Roberts. Mrs. A. M. Jenns (chairman of the Dartford Women's Branch) was chairman at the opening.

Thirteen-years-old Connie Esson presented Miss Roberts with some rare Indian brasswork. The pieces consisted of a fruit dish and a bell, hand engraved and painted.

Miss Roberts commented on the fact that the Dartford ladies were always original in their choice of gifts. She had set up bachelor girl housekeeping, “and the only trouble is that with such a position there is only one to collect the weekly purchases—instead of two.”