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1950 Nov 16 Th
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Conservative Trade Unionists

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Speech
Venue: Dartford, Kent
Source: Dartford Chronicle, 17 November 1950
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Word count: 174
Themes: Conservative Party (organization), Trade unions


Miss Margaret Roberts, B.A., B.Sc., prospective Conservative candidate for the Dartford Division, accepted the presidency of the Dartford Division of the Council of Conservative Trade Unionists at a meeting on Thursday last week.

In her presidential address, Miss Roberts—herself a trade unionist—paid tribute to the work done by the branch and emphasised the necessity for every Conservative trade unionist to come forward and help. Particularly was it necessary for trade unionists to attend their branch meetings.

Mr. E. J. Eden, Deputy Labour Officer, from Central Office, gave an interesting talk.

A presentation was made to Miss Roberts on behalf of the branch by the first lady member of the C.C.T.U.

Among the visitors were Mrs. Cox, chairman of Rochester and Chatham C.C.T.U., and members of her branch, also Mr. Mitchell, area labour organiser, and Mrs. Mitchell.