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1950 Sep 25 Mo
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Chislehurst Young Conservatives

Document type: Speeches
Document kind: Speech
Venue: Conservative Club, Oxford Road, Sidcup, Kent
Source: Dartford Chronicle 29 September 1950
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Editorial comments: Evening?
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 343
Themes: Civil liberties, Defence (general), Foreign policy (USSR & successor states)


But Government were slow

—Says Tory

Miss Margaret Roberts, prospective Conservative candidate for Dartford, was the speaker at a meeting organised by Chislehurst Young Conservatives, and held at the Conservative Club, Oxford-road, Sidcup, on Monday. Chairman was Mr. Colin Wolwebber , who was accompanied by Mr. Leslie Baker , Chislehurst Divisional chairman.

Miss Roberts reminded her audience of some of the constructive points of policy which, she said, had originated from members of the Opposition, but which the Government had allowed a tremendous time-lag to obtain before acting upon them. She highlighted the Atlantic Pact, the Union of Western Europe, and the need for strengthening Britain's armed forces.

Gave Hitler Time

“When you are in such serious danger from a foe whose ultimate purpose is dominate the world, you cannot afford a two or three years' time-lag. Think what two or three years gave Hitler time to do before 1939,” she declared.

She criticised the Government on “throwing down the drain” the money which had been allocated to defence measures.

“If Germany were to become another Korea to-night,” she said, “everyone of us would shake in our shoes.” The only thing that allowed Britain time to negotiate, she thought, was her atomic superiority.

In reply to a question regarding the outlawing of Communists, Miss Roberts said that these measures were against the principles of freedom of the individual for which they had been fighting for the greater part of this century. By pushing Communists underground they would gather strength and a certain amount of martyrdom.

Defective Measure

She felt that an effective measure against Communism might be taken along the lines of the “incitement to disaffection” rule which applied in the Army.

Miss Pat Terry proposed, and Mr. Ted Bolding seconded, a vote of thanks to Miss Roberts.