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1950 Apr 4 Tu
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Dartford Conservatives

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Speech
Venue: St Alban’s Road Schools, Dartford, Kent
Source: Dartford Chronicle, 7 April 1950
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Themes: Conservative Party (organization), Local elections

Borough Elections


But Support For Anti-socialists

Local Elections Policy

Dartford Division of the Conservative Association will not put up candidates for the forthcoming borough elections, but will give their support to anti-Socialist candidates who are prepared to accept it.

This decision was announced by the chairman (Mr. J. L. M. Miller) at a meeting at St. Alban's-road Schools, Dartford, on Tuesday, at which a new St. Alban's Ward branch of the association was formed.

The subject of the local elections arose at the end of the meeting when the newly-elected branch chairman (Mr. G. C. Pottle) was asked if they had any candidate in mind for the ward. The questioner said he understood that St. Alban's branch of the Ratepayers Association had again unanimously nominated Mr. A. F. Taylor to the executive. Mr. Taylor was an anti-Socialist, he added.

Mr. Miller said he had recommended to his association—and they had accepted it—that they should not put Conservative candidates into the field for the 1950 municipal elections. With regard to the question of support for Mr. Taylor, he would like to make it clear that that was in Mr. Taylor 's hands. If Mr. Taylor wanted their support, they would give it him.

“It is not our wish in any way to embarrass any candidate,” added Mr. Miller. “We shall support any anti-Socialist candidate who is prepared to accept our support.”

General Elections Soon?

Miss Margaret Roberts, Conservative candidate, pointed out that if they formed the proposed new branch that evening they would have, theoretically, 100 per cent. “cover” in the Division.

If the Opposition could defeat the Government as they did last week, she said, they might have an election at any time. It was obvious this could not go on very long. Their work now would be to get out and convert the “doubtfuls.” Their key-note must be canvassing.

Mr. L. Gordon Waterman was in the chair, and the motion to form the new St. Alban's branch was unanimously carried, on the motion of Mr. G. C. Pottle, seconded by Mr. Jack Saunders, to both of whom tribute was paid by Mr. R. W. Mills (agent).

The following officers were elected: Chairman, Mr. G. C. Pottle; vice-chairman, Mr. Jack Saunders; hon. treasurer, Miss Dorothy Saunders; hon. secretary, Miss Pamela Denne (Brentfield, Brentfield-road); committee, Miss E. Gray, Mrs. H. J. Shand, Miss M. Pottle, Miss Audrey Garner Mrs. Essex, and Messrs. A. Richardson and Arthur Johnstone.

Ratepayers Choice

Dartford Ratepayers Association will contest all vacancies. Prospective candidates are: Brent Ward, Mr. S. W. Harle; St. Alban's, Mr. A. F. Taylor; Town, Mr. Tommy Atkins; Priory, Mr. H. W. Jones; Highfield, Mr. P. J. Townshend; Heath, Mr. E. C. G. Lanyon.