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1950 Jan 17 Tu
Margaret Thatcher

Remarks on dancing with local Labour MP (Norman Dodds)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Remarks
Venue: Unknown
Source: Evening Post, 17 January 1950
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Editorial comments: Summary including MT’s words in full; the whole article is available on the CD-ROM only. Time and place unknown. See Remarks on meeting her Labour opponent, 30 September 1949. The Evening Post has been re-titled Kent Today.
Importance ranking: Trivial
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Summary of Evening Post article under headline BALLROOM TRUCE

MT described her first meeting with her Labour opponent, Norman Dodds, at a ball in Dartford. Introduced on the ballroom floor, Dodds insisted she choose the dance and the tune. “I chose a tango, which is my favourite dance,” said MT, “and the tune—‘Jealousy.’”

She added: “It turned out to be an exhibition dance: everyone left the floor to watch us!”