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Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Bostall Ward Conservatives

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: St Andrew’s Hall, Bexleyheath, Kent
Source: Erith Observer, 23 December 1949
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Themes: Conservative Party (organization), General Elections


Tories form Bostall Branch

Dartford Divisional Conservative Party formed the last ward branch in the Division on December 14, when an inaugural meeting at St. Andrew's Hall, Bexleyheath, voted unanimously for the formation of a branch in the Bostall Ward.

Addressing the meeting before the formation of the new branch, Miss Margaret Roberts, B.A., B.Sc., prospective Conservative candidate for Dartford Division, said that after that meeting, when they would have a branch in every ward in the Division, it would be possible to regain Dartford for the Conservatives in the General Election.

In the last election, out of an electorate of 77,000 only about 57,000 voted. This left a “doubtful” 20,000, who were probably inactive Conservative sympathisers. It was Miss Roberts opinion that, at the last election, all those who were Socialist supporters had gone to the polls.

If those 20,000 electors could be brought to the polls to vote Conservative in the forthcoming election, together with those whose political conviction had swung from Left to Right during the last four years, then the Conservative Party could win the Dartford Division.

“As far as the national result goes, if we can win Dartford, then we can win a Parliamentary majority easily—and I think we are going to do it!” Miss Roberts ended.

After a vote of thanks had been proposed by Mr. C. R. Allen, branch officers were elected: Chairman, Mr. H. D. Clark: secretary, Mr. A. P. Ansell; treasurer, Mr. D. Allen; vice-chairman, Miss P. D. Fowler; committee, Mesdames C. L. Waite, L. G. Fossett, Miss J. Dumbleton, Messrs. H. J. Wright and C. A. Willmer.