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1949 Dec 13 Tu
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Dartford Conservative Women

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Speech
Venue: Dartford
Source: Dartford Chronicle, 16 December 1949
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Editorial comments: Lunch.
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 240
Themes: Industry, By-elections


Women Conservatives Told They ‘Must Work Hard’

Miss Margaret Roberts, B.A., B.Sc., prospective Conservative candidate, was the speaker at Dartford Division Women Conservatives Luncheon Club on Tuesday. She said she was rather glad Conservatism had not had three victories.

In New Zealand and Australia Labour Governments had been defeated; if the Conservatives had won the Bradford by-election they might have thought a swing to the Right had begun, and started to sit back.

Victories in the Dominions showed that it was possible for a “Conservative” Government to be returned in the world, and at home—but they had to work hard.

The defeat at Bradford should not worry them too much, for rarely was any Government beaten at a by-election in a constituency where they had a majority of over 5,000.

In the country there were 80 Divisions which the Labour Party held with a 2,000-odd majority. It was to those Divisions that Conservatives looked for a swing.

Miss Roberts said she did not want to deal entirely with politics, and told members something about the plastics industry. It was a good example of private enterprise, although all the initial research had not taken place in Britain.

A vote of thanks was proposed by the Divisional chairman (Mr. J. M. L. Miller).

It was the club's Christmas meeting, and members enjoyed turkey and plum pudding.