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1949 Sep 30 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Remarks on meeting her Labour opponent

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
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Venue: Crayford Town Hall, Crayford, Kent
Source: Dartford Chronicle, 7 October 1949
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Miss Roberts and Mr. Dodds Dance a Tango

At Crayford Council Chairman's Ball

Political differences were forgotten for a few hours on Friday evening, when Miss Roberts and Mr. Dodds met socially for the first time at the Crayford Council Chairman's ball held at the Town Hall.

Mr. Dodds had come post-haste from the question-and-answer meeting reported elsewhere.

The Chairman of Crayford Council (Mr. S. A. Lyle) introduced the parties, describing them as “very plucky individuals.” He was very pleased to have them at Crayford, “a centre to introduce two people who will, we hope make history for this country.”

Miss Roberts commented on her pleasure that the first meeting should have taken place in such congenial surroundings, and Mr. Dodds gallantly expressed his sorrow that Miss Roberts was his opponent.

“I am very pleased (he said) to see in Crayford Town Hall that same lady who has caused me so many sleepless hours in the past few months.”

Both then discovered that the other's favourite dance was a tango, and laughed as the band started to play Gade's “Jealousy.”

Mr. Dodds told Miss Roberts that he wished her every happiness in the Dartford Division, and Miss Roberts expressed the hope that she would be as happy during the next five years in the Division as Mr. Dodds had been in the past!