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1949 Sep 30 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Dartford Conservatives

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Document kind: Speech
Venue: Electricity House, Erith, Kent
Source: Dartford Chronicle, 7 October 1949
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Candidate Advises Conservatives

Speaking at a dance at Electricity House, Erith, on Friday, Miss Margaret Roberts, B.A., B.Sc., prospective Conservative candidate for Dartford Division, said the coming General Election would be the most highly organised in history. The object of Conservatives was to be more highly organised than their opponents.

It had been said that Erith was the Labour section of the constituency, and Miss Roberts asked them to prove that that was untrue at the election. If there were any supparters present who were not members, they should show their true colours and join in the fight. If there were any non-active members, they should play a greater part.

Miss Roberts welcomed the dancers, and added her thanks to those already extended to the organisers and others who helped to make the venture a success.

Mr. J. F. L. Gates (chairman) also thanked all concerned. He referred to the prospective candidate as “our own Miss Roberts.”

The dance was the first big event to be organised by Erith Borough group of Dartford Divisional Conservative Association, and organisation was by the hon. secretary (Mrs. G. Holden). Dancing was to Norman Grant and his orchestra.