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1949 Sep 15 Th
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Northumberland Heath Conservatives

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Document kind: Speech
Venue: Pheasant Hall, Northumberland Heath, Kent
Source: Erith Observer, 23 September 1949
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Themes: Conservative Party (organization), Economy (general discussions), General Elections, Labour Party & socialism


Conservatives form new branch

A call to Conservatives to be ready to go into action for the General Election was made by Miss Margaret Roberts, B.A., B.Sc. (prospective candidate), when Northumberland Heath men's branch of the Conservative Association was re-formed, at a meeting at the Pheasant Hall, Northumberland Heath, on Thursday last week.

Miss Roberts said she was grateful to Mr. J. F. L. Gates for the tremendous amount of work he had done in Northumberland Heath. There were too many people saying “Why don't the Conservatives do something about it?” The answer was that those people should join them and help do something about it. She was pleased to see so many people present that evening, who were going to be “doers.”

The Labour Party frequently accused the Conservatives of having no policy, but Miss Roberts counter—claimed that the Government had no policy to get the country out of the economic crisis. Sooner or later the Conservative Party would be called upon to get the country out of the mess it was in. If the Labour Government were returned for another five years the position would be such that Britain might never return to normal.

Not Long To Get Ready

There might well be a General Election in the early autumn, and only 21 days' statutory notice was necessary. That was merely 19 working days to prepare posters and canvass householders. The election had legally to come in the next 200 days, and put like that it was not long to get prepared.

Miss Roberts thought there was a good chance of “pulling the Division” if each section pulled together and worked as a team. It might be said that she had “a vested interest in the Division.” (Laughter.)

Mr. Gates said there was an exceptionally strong women's branch in that area and they wanted to see the men's branch equally lusty. They would work for Miss Roberts, for she was an excellent candidate and was becoming well-known throughout the country.

Proposing that a branch be formed, Mr. R. W. Wait said there were originally 100 members in Northumberland Heath Men's Conservative Association. The motion was seconded by Mr. W. J. Harding.

Officers elected were: Chairman, Mr. H. H. Forward; vice-chairman, Mr C J. Neugent; hon. secretary, Mr J. W. Mullins, 107, Appledore-avenue, Barnehurst; hon. treasurer, Mr R. W. Wait; committee, Messrs. F Ford, N. A. Granger, A. Messum, J. F. L. Gates, W. J. Harding, G Robins and A. H. Beams.

The first meeting of the committee was held on Wednesday.