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1949 Aug 13 Sa
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Dartford Young Conservatives

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Document kind: Speech
Venue: Ashdown House, Dartford, Kent
Source: Dartford Chronicle, 19 August 1949
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Prospective candidate at garden fete

Personal responsibility is the keynote to the future of the country, Miss Margaret Roberts (prospective Conservative candidate for the Dartford Division) told the Dartford branch of the Young Conservatives at their garden fete at Ashdown House, Dartford, on Saturday.

Describing it as a quality not very much in evidence at the moment, she went on: “In war-time there was a slogan, ‘It all depends on me.’ People seem to have forgotten that, and they think it depends on the other person. I suggest that the Young Conservatives bring back the slogan, because unless each one of us does our bit to put the country on its feet no one else will.”

She congratulated them on the idea of holding a fete and carrying it out so well. In these times so many young people seemed to do nothing but wait for someone else to do things, and to expect to have everything brought to them. She was glad the Young Conservatives were getting up and doing something themselves, and showing the youth of the country the way they must go.

They would have to work doubly hard, but they gave their services with gratitude and were glad they had a share. The younger generation were going on to take office when some of the older people had to relinquish it. The older people had done a great deal for the party in the past, and it was time the younger ones took a greater part in the work to be done.

“Raw deal” in post war years

Continuing Miss Roberts said people of her generation had had rather a raw deal in the post-war world. When they were ready to go along the road to their careers they were faced with the Direction of Labour Order and more restrictions than any other generation had had to face in this country. Those who were young and had talent wanted to go ahead and get rid of these restrictions and help themselves and their country.

Dartford Young Conservatives she described as second to none in the country. They had a membership of more than 100, which was a splendid record. Once they saw a Conservative Government in power they and all Young Conservatives up and down the country would be able to say with Keats. “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven.”

“Air Grievances”

Mr. G. Waterman (chairman of the Dartford branch of the Young Conservatives), who presided, told all young people who were not quite sure what they felt about politics that the Young Conservatives could give them their particular answer on Tuesday evenings at the Conservative Club at 8. He assured them that this was by no means a polite gathering, so if they had any criticisms “of anything under the sun.” and were between 15 and 30, they could go along and air them. He thanked Mr. and Mrs. Pottle for the use of the garden.

In thinking Miss Roberts, Miss Mary Hamilton (chairman of the Dartford Division of Young Conservatives) said that united they could do a great deal.

Bouquets to Miss Roberts and Mrs. Pottle were presented by Christina Byrne and Christine Strong.

Mr. J. L. Miller (chairman of the Dartford Division of the Conservative Association) was among those present.

The fete was the first venture of its kind to be run by the branch.

Stalls and stall-holders were: Household, Miss M. Pottle and Miss A. Garner: fancy, Miss P. Emmens: ices and minerals, Miss M. Rohan and Miss M. Belsev: fruit and vegetables. Mr. R. Jackson. Side-shows: Treasure hunt, Miss K. Jarvis: bagatelle, Mr. J. Stedman; rolling the penny, Miss J. Hitch: roulette. Derek Wilkinson.

Teas and refreshments were served by Miss M. Hamilton, Mrs. Essex, Mrs. Stevens and Mrs. Summers.

Mr. J. Summers acted as treasurer for the fete. A whist drive concluded the evening.

On September 24 the Young Conservatives are holding a dance at the Bull Hotel, Dartford.