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1946 Mar 28 Th
Margaret Thatcher

Speech at Federation of University Conservative and Unionist Associations Conference

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Document kind: Speech
Venue: Waldorf Hotel, Aldwych, London
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Editorial comments: Time uncertain. The Oxford student magazine Isis, 1 May 1946 (p11) carries a brief report. CON-O SOCMT, seconded by E.S.N. Sniders, moved a resolution "demanding that oft-repeated resolutions" for more working-class officers and candidates "be implemented forthwith". Michael Kinchin-Smith made a "telling speech" and was loudly applauded when he remarked: "If this resolution is going to embarrass Central Office, let us embarrass them good and proper". Delegates were given lunch at the Connaught Rooms where J.P.L. Thomas (Vice-Chairman of the Party) and Anthony Eden (President of the Federation) both spoke.
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