1990 Dec 26 - 1992 Feb 5
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Prime Minister (Prime Minister John Major's meetings with Margaret Thatcher​​​​​​​)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2017 Dec 29
Classification: Secret
Page count: 19
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90 Dec 26 We Major Conservative Party: PM John Major to MT (update) [Gulf; Community Charge; health & education reforms] ​​​​​​​[declassified Dec 2017]
91 Jan 2 We Major Conservative Party: Powell briefing for Major ("Meeting with Mrs Thatcher") [Gulf; Soviet Union; South Africa; Europe; MT visit to America; Medal of Freedom; domestic issues] ​​​​​​​[declassified Dec 2017]
91 Jan 3 Th Major Conservative Party: No.10 record of conversation (PM Major-MT) [Gulf; ERM; Community Charge; health & education reforms; EMU] ​​​​​​​[declassified Dec 2017]
91 Jan 30 We Minor Conservative Party: No.10 minute for Turnbull ("PM's meeting with Mrs Thatcher: 31 January") [Freedom of City of Westminster] ​​​​​​​[declassified Dec 2017]
91 Jun 1 Sa Major Conservative Party: Major notes (meeting with MT) [South Africa; Ridley book; Health Reforms; Internal EC Frontier; Row; Gorby; Press; Election] ​​​​​​​[declassified Dec 2017]
92 Feb 5 We Major Conservative Party: Wall briefing for Major ("Your Meeting with Mrs Thatcher: Foreign Policy") [Former Soviet Union; Special Meeting of the UN Security Council; Iraq; GATT] ​​​​​​​[declassified Dec 2017]