1985 Dec 17 - 1991 Apr 5
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Prime Minister (Prime Minister's occasional bilateral meetings with various Cabinet colleagues) (Part 1)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2017 Jul 20
Classification: Secret
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87 Apr 27 Mo Major Prime Minister/Environment: No.10 record of conversation (MT - Nick Ridley) [future housing and urban policies in the run up to the general election"] [released Jul 2018]
87 Sep 28 Mo Major Prime Minister/Environment: Norgrove briefing for MT ("Meeting with Mr Ridley") [inner cities, "I suspect to lobby you about the balance between DTI and DOE"] [released Jul 2018]
88 Apr 19 Tu Major Prime Minister/Environment: Gray briefing for MT ("Meeting with the Secretary of State for the Environment: 20 April") ["the state of play on the many balls he has in the air, e.g. Housing Bill, Local Government Bill, reconsideration of Local Authority Capital Controls"] [released Jul 2018]
88 May 23 Mo Major Prime Minister/Environment: Gray briefing for MT ("Bilateral with Mr Ridley: 24 May") [Thyssen; housing policy - has reservations about Walker's flexi-ownership scheme] [released Jul 2018]
88 Jul 27 We Major Prime Minister/Environment: Gray briefing for MT ("Meeting with Mr Ridley") ["wants a quick word about the latest state of play on Alice Coleman, the Lyceum and 'one or two other matters'"] [released Jul 2018]
86 Jun 24 Tu Minor Prime Minister: Wicks minute for MT ("Weekly meeting with the business managers") [MT's preferred 1415 slot clashes with parliamentary duties so MT agrees move to Monday 1015] [released Jul 2017]
87 Jul 7 Tu Minor Prime Minister/Social Services: Wicks briefing for MT (meeting with John Moore) [wants to talk before holidays about his plans for the department] [released Jul 2017]