1986 Oct 3 - 1990 Oct 20
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Italy (Visits of the Italian Prime Minister: visits of the Italian President) (Part 3)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2017 Jul 20
Classification: Secret
Page count: 316
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90 Oct 19 Fr Major Italy: Powell briefing for MT ("Meeting with the Italian Prime Minister") ["I think your approach should be that frankly we doubt the utility of the meeting. But since it is being held, it should focus on the real issues of importance"] [declassified Jul 2017]
90 Oct 18 Th Major Italy: FCO briefing for MT ("Visit by the Italian Prime Minister") [agenda for Rome European Council] [declassified Jul 2017]
90 Oct 19 Fr Major Italy: Powell briefing for MT ("State Visit by President Cossiga") [outline agenda, with FCO briefing] [declassified Jul 2017]
90 Oct 22 Mo Major Italy: No.10 record of conversation (MT-President Cossiga) ["discussion was largely of a philosophical nature about the problems of modern society, including criminality, drugs and terrorism"] [declassified Jul 2017]
90 Oct 17 We Major Italy: UKE Rome telegram to FCO ("President Cossiga") ["A high and controversial profile in recent months after five quiet years"] [declassified Jul 2017]
89 Apr 28 Fr Major Italy: No.10 record of conversation (MT-Italian PM de Mita) [East/West; SNF; EMU; Middle East; Genoa Exposition; "de Mita's thought processes ... tend to be obscure"] [declassified Jul 2017]
90 Oct 20 Sa Major EC/Italy: No.10 record of conversation (MT-Andreotti) [Italian politics; Cossiga state visit; European Council; the Gulf; GATT; CSCE; aid to USSR; South Africa; seat of the institutions; IGCs; EC/US; Gorbachev; Libya] [declassified Jul 2017]
90 Oct 22 Mo Minor Italy: No.10 minute for Powell (arrangements for President Cossiga's address to Parliament) [order of play] [declassified Jul 2017]
90 Oct 29 Mo Minor Italy: President Cossiga letter to MT (thanks for visit) [ties of friendship and alliance] [declassified Jul 2017]
90 Sep 7 Fr Minor Italy: Powell letter to FCO ("State Visit by President Cossiga" - arrangements) [MT "likes small meetings", "she knows President Cossiga well, and regards him as a close friend"] [declassified Jul 2017]
90 Feb 16 Fr Minor Italy: Powell letter to FCO ("Italian State Visit) [conversation with Italian Ambassador] [declassified Jul 2017]
90 Jun 20 We Minor Italy: Powell note for MT (Italian State Visit) [arrangements for President Cossiga to address Parliament] [declassified Jul 2017]
90 Oct 11 Th Minor Italy: Powell letter to FCO ("Signor Andreotti's talks with the Prime Minister") [refuses permission for Italian press officer to attend Chequers talks] [declassified Jul 2017]
90 Sep 11 Tu Minor Italy: Powell minute for MT ("Meeting with Signor Andreotti") ["in case of necessity" asks MT to give him lunch at Chequers on 20 Oct; she agrees] [declassified Jul 2017]