1989 Mar 1 - 1989 Aug 31
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

European Policy (European Monetary System (EMS)) (Part 4)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2016 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
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89 May 11 Th Major European Policy: FCO record of conversation (Howe, Genscher) ["Visit of the German Foreign Minister: European Community"] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 May 12 Fr Major European Policy: Walters minute to MT ("Intervention") ["trying to contain the rise of the US dollar... I can see no justification for our intervention. It had no discernable effect on the out-turn of the market"] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 May 12 Fr Major European Policy: MT letter to Julian Amery MP (Economic and Monetary Union) ["Our approach to [the] proposals is part of our wider campaign to see the [EC] develop along the lines of Britain's relatively free trade, open competition system"] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 May 17 We Major European Policy: Charles Powell briefing for MT ("Meeting with Sir Leon Brittan") ["main purpose... is to get over to him your current worries about the [EC]... its apparent detemination to extend [its] competence into new areas... your concern about [its] failure to honour political agreements... [and] securing genuinely free competition"] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 May 18 Th Major European Policy: Walters minute to Turnbull ("Exchange Rate versus Monetary Targets") ["I adduce that we are not (yet?) ready for anything like a viable fixxed [sic] system... If there are free markets, the ERM will have to change radically"] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 May 18 Th Major European Policy: Walters minute to Gray (research topics) [monetary union; exchange rates; corporation and economic performance] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 May 18 Th Major European Policy: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Brittan) [Exchange Rate Mechanism; strategy for achieving a free market EC & combating its protectionist institutions; EC Merger Control regulations; state aid to Renault; Harland & Wolff] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 May 19 Fr Major European Policy: UKE The Hague telegram to FCO ("The Delors Committee recommendations: Netherlands reactions") ["Van den Broek... added a strong appeal for those not in the EMS Exchange Rate Mechanism to join the system"] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 May 20 Sa Key European Policy: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Chancellor of the Exchequer) [Lawson unhappy; MT seeks to smooth over public perception of rift in regard to economic policy; efforts to present united front complicated by subsequent No.10 press office advice/actions] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 May 21 Su Major European Policy: No.10 record of conversation (UK membership of the ERM) [Paul Gray, Nigel Wicks: No.10 request that Lawson publicly clarify his position] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 May 23 Tu Major European Policy: FCO telegram to UKRep Brussels ("Informal ECOFIN, 19-21 May") ["debate on the economic and political implications of... economic and monetary union"] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 Jun 7 We Major European Policy: UKE Madrid telegram to FCO ("Spain and the EMS") ["The annoucement [of intended entry] is in terms which do not make the commitment irrevocable"] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 Jun 16 Fr Major European Policy: Walters minute to MT ("Germany's covert exchange control") [information requested by MT] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 Jun 18 Su Major European Policy: No.10 Policy Unit minute to MT ("Europe: Delors and the Social Charter") ["key issue in responding to Delors is whether joining the ERM also requires this country to change from Thatcherism to European Corporatism"] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 Jun 21 We Major European Policy: Treasury letter to No.10 ("European Monetary Cooperation") [Adviser to the Governor of the Bank of England meeting with President of Bundesbank] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 Jun 23 Fr Major European Policy: Cabinet Office minute to No.10 ("Capital, banking and financial services: remaining restrictions") [analysis] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 Jun 24 Sa Key European Policy: Charles Powell minute to MT (economic & monetary union: unscheduled meeting with Lawson & Howe) [MT agrees to meeting next day, prior to departure for European summit in Madrid; CDP: "very selfish"] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 Jul 7 Fr Major European Policy: Treasury record of conversation (Lawson, Michael Butler, Jeremy Morse, Terence Burns) [economic & monetary union: follow-up to Madrid Council discussion of Delors report] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 Jul 10 Mo Major European Policy: UKRep Brussels telegram to FCO ("ECOFIN Council: 10 July 1989: economic and monetary union: work programme") ["Commission to identify measures needed for EMU Stage 1 legislation by end of July"] [declassified Jul 2016]
89 Jul 11 Tu Major European Policy: Walters minute to Gray ("Intervention and sterilisation - 1987 - 1988") [analysis] [declassified Jul 2016]