1988 Aug 1 - 1989 Jan 31
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Environmental Affairs (Environmental policy: environmental pollution: climate change; London Conference on Saving the Ozone Layer, March 1989) (Part 6)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2016 Dec 30
Classification: Confidential
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88 Nov 22 Tu Major Environment: Nicholas Ridley minute to John Wakeham (Green Bill) [will lose credibility unless more forthcoming] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Aug 16 Tu Major Environment: MT message to Ingvar Carlsson (North Sea environment) [commitment to protection, task force] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Oct 11 Tu Major Environment: Crispin Tickell minute to Charles Powell (Royal Society speech) [need for impetus behind research] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Nov 14 Mo Major Environment: Crispin Tickell minute to Duncan Slater ("Time Environment Conference") [opportunity to discuss environmental issues] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Nov 24 Th Major Environment: No.10 record of conversation (MT-Ridley) [inter-departmental discussion of environmental issues] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Nov 25 Fr Major Environment: John Wakeham minute to Nicholas Ridley ("Green Bill") [timing of legislation] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Nov 9 We Major Environment: John Fairclough minute to David Fisk ("E(ST) (0) Discussion on Environmental Issues") [science and technology aspects of developing plans] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Nov 23 We Major Environment: Robin Butler minute to MT ("Prime Minister's Meeting with the Secretary of State for the Environment - 9 am on 24 November") [pulling together approach to policy] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Dec 13 Tu Major Environment: Lord Caithness minute to Cecil Parkinson ("Environmental Committee Report on Air Pollution: Draft Government Response") [statement of current policy and developments] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Dec 22 Th Major Environment: Cabinet Office briefing for MT ("Climatic Change") [overview of problem, efforts to solve it, possible courses of action] [declassified Dec 2016]
89 Jan 10 Tu Major Environment: George Guise minute to MT ("Climatic Change") ["there is no argument for inaction"] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Nov 30 We Major Environment: MT message to Michel Rocard (environmental initiatives) [proposed new international institution] [declassified Dec 2016]
89 Jan 23 Mo Major Environment: MT message to Daniel arap Moi (ozone layer conference) [invitation to give keynote speech] [declassified Dec 2016]
89 Jan 9 Mo Major Environment: Bernard Ingham minute to Cabinet Office ("Climatic Change") ["we ought to organise to gain credit" from climate change seminar, since it will leak anyway] [declassified Dec 2016]
89 Jan 6 Fr Minor Environment: Charles Powell note to MT (climate meeting) [article on global warming] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Nov 8 Tu Minor Environment: Charles Powell minute to Ridley PS ("Chlorofluorocarbons Proposed International Conference") [announcement of plans] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Oct 24 Mo Minor Environment: Charles Powell minute to Ridley PS ("NOx Protocol and Declaration") [MT wants to strengthen passage on UK actions] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Nov 4 Fr Minor Environment: Lord Caithness letter to MT (NOx Protocol and Declaration) [delegates sought out UK to discuss environment] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Oct 28 Fr Minor Environment: Paul Channon minute to Nicholas Ridley ("NOx Protocol and Declaration") [agrees with proposed line] [declassified Dec 2016]
88 Aug 8 Mo Minor Environment: Nicholas Ridley minute to MT (air pollution) [government reply to Environment Committee report] [declassified Dec 2016]