1987 Sep 23 - 1987 Nov 10
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Regional Policy (Inner Cities Initiative: action following report by Eric Sorensen; Ministerial and departmental responsibility for coordination and presentation of policy towards inner cities; Kenneth Clarke, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, to assume coordination responsibility; designation of further Urban Development Corporations (UDCs)) (Part 11)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2016 Jul 21
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87 Oct 1 Thu Regional Policy: Cabinet Office minute to No.10 ("Inner cities") [correction of figures quotes by MT] [declassified Jul 2016]
87 Sep 30 Wed Regional Policy: No.10 Policy Unit briefing for MT ("Inner Cities report: E(UP)") ["This meeting could mark a watershed in urban policy if it formally endorses a shift from Government-led, cash-based programmes to an approach based on locally-led, self-help initiatives"] [declassified Jul 2016]
87 Sep 28 Mon Regional Policy: MT letter to Chief Executive of Business in the Community (Inner cities) ["the ideas which you expressed in the report are very much in tune with my own"] [declassified Jul 2016]
87 Sep 25 Fri Regional Policy: No.10 minute to MT (Metropolitan police report on Hackney) ["one of the objectives of our inner cities policy is to ensure that the benefits of future Dockland-type developments do have knock-on effects. As the Hackney experience demonstrates, that just won't happen: it needs to be made to happen"] [declassified Jul 2016]
87 Sep 24 Thu Regional Policy: Clarke letter to Walker ("Welsh Development Agency: financial limit") [increase in financial limit] [declassified Jul 2016]
87 Sep 23 Wed Regional Policy: Ridley letter to Younger (relocation of the Ministry of Defence Quality Assurance Unit) [MT request that MoD officials meet with Teesside Urban Development Corporation following her recent visit to Teesside] [declassified Jul 2016]
87 Sep 23 Wed Regional Policy: No.10 briefing for MT ("Inner cities") [Whitelaw meeting with MT to discuss allocation of responsibilities for the policy between Departments] [declassified Jul 2016]
87 Sep 23 Wed Regional Policy: No.10 minute to MT ("Inner cities") ["one or two quotes which suggest that the tide is beginning to turn"] [declassified Jul 2016]
87 Nov 10 Tue Regional Policy: Department of Environment letter to Cabinet Office (Eric Sorensen) [Departmental posting relating to work on inner cities policy] [declassified Jul 2016]