1979 Jul 26 - 1987 Feb 25
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Nicaragua (Internal situation: relations with UK) (Part 1)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2016 Nov 7
Classification: Top Secret
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86 Apr 10 Th Major Nicaragua: UKE Washington telegram 882 to FCO (0430Z) ("US/Central America") [Oliver Wright record of conversation with Philip Habib] [declassified Nov 2016]
86 Oct 29 We Major Nicaragua: UKMIS New York telegram 1150 to FCO (0225Z) ("Security Council: ICJ/Nicaragua") [report on outcome of UN resolution vote: "A three-way split between the five western members of the Council is always a bad result"; No.10 unhappy with comments] [declassified Nov 2016]
86 Jul 30 We Major Nicaragua: UKMIS New York telegram 709 to FCO (2330Z) ("Security Council: Nicaragua and the ICJ") [UN resolution on International Court of Justice verdict regarding US arms sales to Iran: text] [declassified Nov 2016]