1980 Mar 10 - 1986 Feb 21
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Spain (Internal situation; UK/Spain relations) (Part 1)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2016 Jul 21
Classification: Top Secret
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83 Mar 4 Fr Major Spain: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Howe, Parkinson, Lord Cockfield, Hurd, Lamont) ["Spanish cars"] [declassified Jul 2016]
83 Mar 7 Mo Major Spain: Parkinson PS letter to No.10 ("Spanish cars") [not briefed for meeting: communication issues arising from Parkinson's dual role as Cabinet Minister & Chairman of the Party] [declassified Jul 2016]
83 Mar 9 We Major Spain: Cabinet Office briefing for MT ("Cabinet: Community affairs") [N. Ireland; subsidised exports to Soviet Union; negotiations with Spain on duty quotas for car imports; impact of falling oil prices; Lome Convention; food aid; 1983 CAP price fixing; UK budget problem] [declassified Jul 2016]
83 May 19 Th Major Spain: UKE Brasilia telegram to FCO ("Gibraltar/Falklands") [Spanish Foreign Minister Moran: "We do not lay claims by force"] [declassified Jul 2016]
83 Dec 9 Fr Minor Spain: MT message to Prime Minister González ("Madrid Airline disaster") [condolences] [declassified Jul 2016]
84 Jan 30 Mo Major Spain: UKE Madrid telegram to FCO ("Spain and NATO") [Spain to hold referendum onn membership; Gonzalez to call election "in the event of an adverse result"; Gibraltar] [declassified Jul 2016]
84 Mar 29 Th Major Spain: No.10 note to Howe PS ("Spanish assessment of current British attitude on Gibraltar") [reply to FCO letter] [declassified Jul 2016]
84 Jun 20 We Major Spain: No.10 note (precedents for a visiting Foreign Minister to meet members of the Opposition) [advice from Foreign Office on visit to UK of Spanish Minister for Education] [declassified Jul 2016]
84 Jul 18 We Major Spain: Howe PS letter to No.10 ("Anglo-Spanish relations: greetings from King of Spain") [cover note reporting HM Ambassador meeting with King] [declassified Jul 2016]
84 Jul 23 Mo Major Spain: UKE Madrid telegram to FCO ("Spanish foreign policy") ["prospects for Ministerial changes"; relations with France; Gibraltar; NATO; EC accession] [declassified Jul 2016]
85 Feb 13 We Major Spain: Department of Defence briefing for MT (meeting with the Spanish Minister of Defence) [Gibraltar; NATO/European Community membership] [declassified Jul 2016]
85 Feb 15 Fr Major Spain: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Mottram, HM Ambassador Madrid, Spanish Minister of Defence Narcís Serra, Ambassador Bellacasa) [Gibraltar; NATO/European Community membership; Portugal] [declassified Jul 2016]
85 Mar 12 Tu Major Spain: Howe PS letter to No.10 ("Spain: High Level Visits") [scheduling/prioritising of respective visits by King Carlos, President Chadli & King Hassan II; Howe meetings with Moran re Gibraltar; MT visit to Madrid] [declassified Jul 2016]
85 Mar 13 We Major Spain: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Howe, Prime Minister González, Carlos Westendorp) [MT visit to Spain; Gibraltar; NATO & EU membership; Gorbachev/Soviet Union] [declassified Jul 2016]
85 May 14 Tu Major Spain: No.10 letter to Gowrie PS ("400th anniversary of the Spanish Armada") [MT concerned about diplomatic sensitivities of plans to mark occasion] [declassified Jul 2016]
85 May 27 Mo Major Spain: MT message to Prime Minister González (explosion at Puente Mayorga) [condolences] [declassified Jul 2016]
85 Jun 4 Tu Major Spain: Prime Minister González letter to MT (Contadora Health Plan: international conference) [invites UK to participate] [declassified Jul 2016]
85 Jun 6 Th Major Spain: MT letter to Sir Henry Plumb (Prime Minister's meeting with Manuel Fraga, leader of Alianza Popular) [MT agrees to meeting, following A.P. "signing of an agreement in principle" with European Democratic Group signifying alliance of non-socialist parties in the European Assembly] [declassified Jul 2016]
85 Jun 12 We Major Spain: Speaker of the House of Commons letter to No.10 (Prime Minister's meeting with President of the Congress of Deputies of Spain) [scheduling] [declassified Jul 2016]
85 Jul 3 We Major Spain: Charles Powell briefing for MT ("Meeting with Senor Fraga") [co-operation between non-socialist parties in the European Assembly; European Council; NATO; terrorism; Gibraltar; Alianza Popular election prospects] [declassified Jul 2016]