1984 Feb 9 - 1985 May 31
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

USA (UK/USA relations) (Part 3)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
Page count: 333
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84 Oct 26 Fr Major US: Geoffrey Pattie minute to MT (“Anti-misting kerosene”) [“a fuel additive which will prevent aircraft crash fires”] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 3 Sa Major US: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Shultz) [funeral of Indira Gandhi, terrorism, Cold War, Laker case] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 7 We Major US: No.10 briefing for MT (“Call by American Ambassador”) [Reagan’s priorities for second term, MT meeting with Shultz, Freddie Laker case, IRA] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 8 Th Major US: No.10 record of conversation (MT, US Ambassador) [Reagan’s domestic priorities for second term, goals on East/West relations and arms control] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 12 Mo Minor US: Michael Spicer letter to Geoffrey Pattie (anti-misting kerosene: US ‘controlled crash’) [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 19 Mo Major Cold War: Professor Brezezinski letter to MT (“The Future of Yalta”) [“Yalta is unfinished business”] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 21 We Major US: Price note to MT (MT’s meeting with Under Secretary Wallis) [conveys Reagan’s gratitude] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 22 Th Major US: No.10 note to MT (BNOC) [“the US Administration is hostile to the way we have used BNOC”] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 27 Tu Major US: MT letter to Senator John Tower (retirement) [“invaluable contribution to promoting the cause of NATO and our common defence”] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Dec 12 We Minor US: Lord Fanshawe letter to Caroline Ryder (Prime Minister’s proposed US visit) [arrangements] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Dec 17 Mo Major US: Howe PS letter to No.10 (Lloyd’s of London presentation ceremony in honour of US astronauts) [“a brilliant stroke of public relations genius”] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Dec 22 Sa Key US: No.10 record of conversation (MT, President Reagan) [Strategic Defence Initiative, civil aviation, US economy, Middle East, famine in Africa, UK-Irish relations] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Jan 4 Fr Major Cold War: MT letter to Professor Brzezinski (“The Future of Yalta”) [“it is only with unambiguous American military backing that Western Europe will be able successfully to resist Soviet pressure”] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Jan 7 Mo Minor US: No.10 letter to Howe APS (Mayor of San Francisco visit to London) [MT unable to meet as proposed visit will fall on Budget day] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Jan 9 We Minor US: No.10 letter to Howe APS (“200th Anniversary of UK/US Diplomatic Relations”) [“A short ceremony at 10 Downing Street might be most appropriate”] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Mar 13 We Major US: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Vice-President Bush) [Mozambique, arms control, Egypt, Laker case, Soviet Union, Middle East, exchange rates] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Mar 15 Fr Major US: No.10 note for the record (“Prime Minister: Honorary Degrees”) [MT wary of political risks in accepting] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Mar 20 We Major US: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Mayor Feinstein of San Francisco) [“Contributions from United States to Irish causes”] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Mar 27 We Major US: UKE Washington telegram 1077 to FCO (1755Z) (“Secretary of State for Northern Ireland’s visit to Washington”) [“although serious work was going on between London and Dublin, it was too early to say what practical results could emerge from the dialogue”] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Mar 28 Th Major US: Howe APS letter to No.10 (“Contributions from United States to Irish causes”) [Howe says “it needs to be related to the idea of setting up a fund for economic reconstruction and development in Ireland”] [declassified Dec 2014]