1984 Feb 9 - 1985 May 31
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

USA (UK/USA relations) (Part 3)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
Page count: 333
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84 Feb 9 Th Major US: British Information Services letter to Robert Barzilay (Irish Northern Aid Committee) [“How can there be excuses for terrorism, in Northern Ireland or elsewhere”] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Mar 1 Th Major US: UKE Washington letter to FCO Information Department (“Northern Ireland and the Daily Express”) [“What we do is seek to counter NORAID propaganda”] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Mar 2 Fr Major US: Lord Thomas note to MT (conversations in Washington) [US trade, Cold War, defence] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Mar 2 Fr Major US: Hugh Thomas note to MT (“Dr Kissinger’s recent Article”) [Europe’s role in the Atlantic Alliance] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Mar 23 Fr Minor US: No.10 letter to Senator Jesse Helms (visit of constituents to UK) [MT reluctantly accepts advice to decline meeting] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Apr 2 Mo Major US: Ministry of Defence record of conversation (Heseltine, Weinberger) [INF basing, cruise missiles, Iraq/Iran, common MBFR position] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Apr 13 Fr Minor US: US Embassy London letter to No.10 (photograph of the Prime Minister and the President) [request that MT sign and inscribe] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Apr 30 Mo Minor US: Rees PS letter to Howe PS (Chief Secretary’s visit to US) [US budget deficit, UK privatisation] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 May 18 Fr Major US: Shultz letter to Howe (Prime Minister’s speech in Perth) [“U.S./U.K. relationship and the absolute centrality of the Alliance in Western security”] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 May 25 Fr Major US: Tebbit minute to MT (“Visit to the west coast of the United States”) [“The combination of economic recovery in the US and a favourable exchange rate provide a unique opportunity for our firms”] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 May 29 Tu Major US: No.10 Policy Unit minute to MT (“State of the Economy”) [“The best stance for the UK to follow remains that of caution”] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Jun 8 Fr Major US: Attorney General’s Chambers record of conversation (extraterritoriality) [Michael Havers, Fred Fielding] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Jul 6 Fr Major US: No.10 record of conversation (MT, US Senate Delegation) [US economy, East/West relations, Soviet leadership] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Jul 11 We Minor US: MT letter to Senator Lugar (United States Senate Delegation visit to UK) [courtesy note] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Jul 12 Th Minor US: Howe PS letter to No.10 (“Visit of Governor Wallace of Alabama: 27-28 July”) [“to promote inward investment” - request to meet with MT declined] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Jul 31 Tu Minor US: Howe PS letter to No.10 (“Request for a call on Prime Minister by Mr James Roosevelt”) [declined] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Aug 3 Fr Minor US: William Roth Jnr letter to MT (US Senate delegation) [“strongly admire… your effort to develop a growing market economy”] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Sep 24 Mo Major US: Treasury record of conversation (Chancellor of the Exchequer, Donald Regan) [UK coal strike, agriculture, taxation, US election, Middle East, Hong Kong] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Oct 18 Th Major US: Walker minute to MT (“Collaboration with the United States on energy research and development”) [“there are prospects of combining R&D resources to achieve results which benefit both our countries”] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Oct 19 Fr Major US: Consulate-General NY telegram 56 to FCO (1930Z) (“Call on Archbishop O’Connor”) [visit to Ireland] [declassified Dec 2014]