1982 Oct 12 - 1985 Feb 28
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

USA (Economic situation in the United States) (Part 2)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
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82 Nov 19 Fri US: UKE Washington record of conversations (Alan Walters visiting Donald Regan, Beryl Sprinkel, Paul Volcker, Mark Leland, Stephen Axilrod, AIE staff) [monetary policy; interest rates; independence of the Fed] [declassified 2014]
82 Nov 10 Wed US: Chancellor of the Exchequer PS letter to Cabinet (“Other countries fiscal policies”) [background note on European economies] [declassified 2014]
83 Dec 7 Wed US: No.10 briefing for MT (“Visit of Treasury Secretary Regan”) [US economy, international debt, unitary taxation] [declassified 2014]
84 Feb 10 Fri US: No.10 note to MT (Volcker’s views on US economy) [article on deficit threat] [declassified 2014]
84 May 18 Fri US: No.10 note to MT (Continental Illinois rescue) [“There was no detectable reaction in the foreign exchange markets where the Gulf was the dominant factor”] [declassified 2014]
85 Feb 20 Wed US: Treasury minute to No.10 (Volcker statement to Banking Committee) [“the progressive easing of reserve conditions had come to an end and open market operations were being conducted more cautiously”] [declassified 2014]
84 Dec 12 Wed US: Treasury record of conversation (Chancellor of the Exchquer, Paul Volcker) [US economy, deficit, banking system] [declassified 2014]
85 Feb 28 Thu US: UKE Washington letter to Treasury (Volcker testimony to House Banking Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee) [“we are in a real sense living on borrowed money and time”] [declassified 2014]
82 Oct 28 Thu US: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Arthur Burns) [Burns said the US economy “had bottomed out and there would be some slight growth in the coming year”] [declassified 2014]
84 Apr 16 Mon US: No.10 letter to US Ambassador to West Germany (speech to the Industrie Club: ‘The American Trade Deficit in Perspective’) [MT: “applies your customary clarity & wisdom to the enormous issues that face us”] [declassified 2014]
84 May 10 Thu US: Littler minute to Chancellor of the Exchequer (“New York meeting of bankers”) [“Discussion focussed heavily on problems of management of the maturities and interest costs of commercial debt”] [declassified 2014]
84 Jun 5 Tue US: No.10 record of conversation (MT, President Reagan) [East/West relations - “Mrs Thatcher’s general impression was that the US Government was rather at a loss as to how to proceed”; Middle East; Central America; Northern Ireland; trade issues; Laker case] [declassified 2014]
84 Jun 7 Thu US: Treasury record of conversation (Lawson, Japanese Finance Minister Takeshita) [unitary tax, US deficit, international debt, Japanese capital markets, IDA supplemetary] [declassified 2014]
84 Sep 1 Sat US: Alan Walters article (“Dollars and Deficits”) [“One tries not to think about the deficit. It is just too distressing”] [declassified 2014]
84 Sep 20 Thu US: President of the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders letter to MT (“Selective Distribution Block Exemption”) [“The regulation will place in the hands of bureaucrats in Brussels the right to be judge and jury over prices”] [declassified 2014]
83 Sep 5 Mon US: John Moore PS letter to No.10 (Economic Secretary’s meetings in Washington) [US economic prospects] [declassified 2014]
83 Dec 8 Thu US: Treasury briefing (“Chancellor’s meetings with Mr Regan, 8 December”) [“Cannot disguise own view that budget deficit is key”] [declassified 2014]
84 Jan 17 Tue US: Treasury record of conversation (Lawson, Ambassador Price) [Price “very much afraid that the Budget proposals would show no reduction in the US deficit”] [declassified 2014]
83 Oct 21 Fri US: Chancellor of the Exchequer PS letter to No.10 (“Mr Kinnock and the US Budget Deficit”) [response to Kinnock’s suggestion “that we should emulate the US budget deficit in pursuit of growth”] [declassified 2014]
83 Feb 11 Fri US: Alan Walters minute to MT (“Martin Feldstein’s views on the US economy”) [“what we do not know is whether the recovery will persist”] [declassified 2014]