1984 Jan 3 - 1985 Feb 28
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Education (General policy on education and education expenditure: White Paper on Schools) (Part 4)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
Page count: 327
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84 Mar 16 Fri Education: David Barclay minute to MT ("Academic Tenure") [MT's approval requested for Keith Joseph to proceed with his proposals to phase out tenure in respect to new contracts only] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Mar 15 Thu Education: Keith Joseph letter to Peter Rees ("Efficiency Study in the Universities") [funding, membership & remit] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Mar 15 Thu Education: Keith Joseph letter to Peter Rees ("The Audit Commission - Value for Money") [liaison between Commission and Her Majesty's Inspectorate; local authority deployment of resources] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Mar 12 Mon Education: Keith Joseph minute to MT ("Tenure in the Universities") [conclusions & recommendations; background paper] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Mar 8 Thu Education: Keith Joseph letter to Biffen ("Education (Grants and Awards Bill)") [Bill to come back to Commons in order to delete clause inserted by Opposition blocking use of education support grants, paid to local authorities, to support expenditure in grammar schools] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Feb 23 Thu Education: Keith Joseph minute to MT (Government spending on Universities) [apology to MT for wording of letter drafted for her signature, during the election to the AUT, and subsequently quoted against her] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Feb 21 Tue Education: John Moore PS letter to No.10 ("PAC Ninth Report - Hamilton College") [criticism of Scottish Education Department for failing to follow procedures in the sale of the College] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Jan 27 Fri Education: Andrew Turnbull minute to MT (schools: private money and parental choice) [Policy Unit paper presenting options for DES] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Jan 3 Tue Education: No.10 Policy Unit minute to MT ("Private money and School Closures") [MT critical of Oliver Letwin paper "suggesting a new way of increasing the number of independent schools and of reducing the opposition to school closures"] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Dec 5 Wed Education: No.10 record of conversations (09:00 - Lawson, Keith Joseph, Hancock, Peter Middleton) (11:15 - MT, Lawson, Whitelaw, Keith Joseph, Biffen, Peter Rees, Peter Brooke, Peter Middleton, Bernard Ingham) ["Student Grants": Backbenchers pressure on Government to withdraw proposals; discussion of options] [declassified Dec 2014]