1984 Sep 7 - 1985 Apr 30
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Economic policy (G7 Summit - Bonn) (Part 18)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Dec 30
Classification: Confidential
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85 Apr 18 Thu G7: No.10 record of conversation (MT-Robert Armstrong) ["Bonn Economic Summit" - discussion of summit draft declarations] [released Dec 2014]
85 Apr 30 Tue G7: Lawson PS minute to No.10 ("Economic Summit") [briefs on French currency ideas, Second Bosphorus Bridge] [released Dec 2014]
85 Apr 1 Mon G7: No.10 note of conversation (Julian Bullard phone message) [message to Horst Teltschik delivered; Britain left out of three-way consultations between FRG, French and Italians] [released Dec 2014]
85 Mar 28 Thu G7: Charles Powell to Horst Teltschik (Bonn Economic Summit) [draft political declaration "on the right lines", but MT thinks declaration on anniversary of end of WWII "would gain in impact if it were a little more measured"] [released Dec 2014]
85 Apr 26 Fri G7: Cabinet Office letter to Charles Powell ("Bonn Economic Summit: TGE Reports") [reports of G7 working groups on Technology, Growth and Employment and the Environment] [released Dec 2014]
85 Apr 28 Sun G7: Robin Nicholson briefing for MT ("EUREKA") [proposal for a new European programme of coordinated research "is ill-thought out, in that whilst it identifies the right problem, the diagnosis is wrong"; may arise in margins of summit] [released Dec 2014]
85 Apr 30 Tue G7: Sir Geoffrey Howe minute to MT ("Soviet Air Space Reservations in the Berlin Air Corridors") [agreed approach with the Americans and French] [released Dec 2014]
85 Apr 16 Tue G7: UKA Washington letter to Geoffrey Howe ("Economic Speech by Shultz at Princeton on 11 April") [speech "seems to represent... a chink in the hitherto rather rigid position of the Americans on the relationship between their budget deficit, the dollar, and the economies of other countries"] [released Dec 2014]