1984 Mar 19 - 1985 May 31
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

China (Sino-British relations; defence sales) (Part 2)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
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85 Mar 18 Mo Major China: MT letter to Hu Yaobang ("Aid Trade Provision for China") [Lord Young's trade mission; Zhao Ziyang visit; "delighted that you would like to visit Britain yourself"] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Feb 25 Mo Major China: MT letter to Premier Zhao Ziyang (strengthening of economic and trade links: Lord Young's visit to China) ["My purpose in writing is to underline the importance I attach to this visit"] [declassified Dec 2014]
84 Nov 6 Tu Major China: Nicholas Edwards minute to MT (UK trade and industrial opportunities in the Far East) [thoughts following visit] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Feb 1 Fr Major China: No.10 briefing for MT ("Lord Young's Mission") [MT reception/photocall with Lord Young, Chinese Ambassador and leaders of UK industry due to participate in the trade mission] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Feb 8 Fr Major China: No.10 minute to Howe PS ("China: Visit by Premier Zhao Ziyang") [confirmation of dates; proposed schedule] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Jan 3 Th Major China: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Howe) ["British Trade Mission to China"] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Feb 5 Tu Major China: Percy Cradock minute to Charles Powell ("Lord Young's Mission to China") ["suggest that we.... reaffirm our interest in military as well as civil sales"; MT agrees] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 May 31 Fr Major China: Tebbit PS letter to No.10 ("Presidency of the Sino British Trade Council") [President-desigate to accompany Lord Young on trade mission] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Jan 27 Su Major China: UKE Beijing telegram 113 to FCO (0858Z) ("Cocom: China") [Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls: Chinese call for end to Cold War restrictions] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Mar 4 Mo Major China: UKE Beijing telegram 94 to FCO (0330Z) ("Lord Young's Mission: Meeting with Mme Chen Muhua") [Lord Young, Muhua, leaders of UK industry: record of conversation] [declassified Dec 2014]
85 Mar 5 Tu Major China: UKE Beijing telegram 99 to FCO (0210Z) ("Lord Young's Mission") [report: "has gone very well"; "press reports that Lord Young has received less high level attention than the Japanese"] [declassified Dec 2014]