1979 Jul 9 - 1984 Mar 23
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Libya (UK/Libyan relations; threat to Libyan dissidents in UK) (Part 1)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Jan 3
Classification: Top Secret
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80 Jun 14 Sat Libya: UKE Tripoli telegram 298 to FCO (1030Z) ("Attack on Embassy") [detail of formal protest] [declassified Jan 2014]
80 Jun 13 Fri Libya: UKE Tripoli telegram 297 to FCO (2040Z) (attack on UK Embassy) [detail of incident] [declassified Jan 2014]
80 Jun 13 Fri Libya: FCO telegram 227 to UKE Tripoli (1310,1Z) ("Text of LPS's Speaking Note") ["Kusa's remarks appear to be an incitement to murder... We must ask him to leave within forty eight hours"] [declassified Jan 2014]
80 Jun 12 Thu Libya: FCO telegram 20 to UKE Venice (Colonel Gadaffi's reference to assassinations abroad) [text] [declassified Jan 2014]
80 Jun 9 Mon Libya: UKE Tripoli telegram 281 to FCO (0900Z) ("Qadhafi's Interview with 'Panorama'") [threatens assassinations & withdrawal of Libyan assets from UK] [declassified Jan 2014]
80 May 13 Tue Libya: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Lord Sieff) [prospects for Marks & Spencer; Libya: international relations/threat] [declassified Jan 2014]
80 May 12 Mon Libya: No.10 minute to MT ("Mr. Hurd's Statement on Libya") [expulsion of Libyans & "more rigorous immigration control"] [declassified Jan 2014]
80 May 9 Fri Libya: Cabinet Office minute to No.10 (activities of the Libyan Embassy in London: assassination targets) [MT concerned at lack of urgency in investigation] [declassified Jan 2014]
80 May 8 Thu Libya: Lord Carrington PS letter to No.10 ("Anglo/Libyan Relations") [expulsion of Libyan People's Bureau staff] [declassified Jan 2014]
80 Apr 28 Mon Libya: UKE Tripoli telegram 134 to FCO (0800Z) (Anglo/Libyan Relations: expulsion of Libyan People's Bureau staff from UK) [Acland, Edes, Shihati; Acland, Edes, Jaloud: record of discussions] [declassified Jan 2014]
80 Apr 26 Sat Libya: MT letter to Colonel Gaddafi (Anglo/Libyan Relations) ["Sir Antony Acland will... give you some clear examples of the criminal activities [in UK] which have compelled me to write"] [declassified Jan 2014]
80 Apr 25 Fri Libya: Michael Pattison minute to MT (Libyan 'political' murders in London) [details of latest incident] [declassified Jan 2014]
80 Apr 24 Thu Libya: Lord Carrington minute to MT ("Libyan Activities in London") [draft message to Gadaffi calling on him to "withdraw three named individuals"] [declassified Jan 2014]
79 Jul 9 Mon Libya: UKE Bahrain telegram 146 to FCO (0700Z) ("UK/Libya") [Ambassador Walker, Foreign Minister of Bahrain: record of conversation: Libyan arms contract with UK; support for IRA] [declassified Jan 2014]