1983 Sep 21 - 1984 Jun 29
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Defence (Deployment of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) in Europe) (Part 4)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2014 Jan 3
Classification: Top Secret
Page count: 369
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83 Nov 15 Tu Major Defence: Howe PS letter to No.10 ("INF: Romanian initiative") ["an analysis of the messages which President Ceausescu... has sent to Western leaders"; proposed lines for FCO oral response to Ceausescu message] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 17 Th Major Defence: UKE Paris telegram to FCO ("Mitterrand: East/West and Defence issues") [Geneva nuclear arms reduction negotiations with Soviet Union; Western Europe defence strategy] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 18 Fr Major Defence: UKE Rome telegram to FCO ("Italian Parliamentary debate on INF") [deployment of intermediate range nuclear missiles] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 18 Fr Major Defence: Howe PS letter to No.10 ("INF negotiations: Soviet manoeuvring") ["The Soviet motive for turning the truth on its head is not clear yet"] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 18 Fr Major Defence: FCO record of conversation (Geneva negotiations on reduction of Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces) [Soviet Ambassaor Popov, Richard Luce] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 19 Sa Major Defence: President Reagan letter to MT (arms reduction negotiations with the Soviet Union) ["the Soviet suggestions are unacceptable. They do not change the consistent Soviet demand for a monopoly in longer-range land-based INF missiles... the latest proposals we have advanced provide a sound basis for an agreement"] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 19 Sa Minor Defence: No.10 note to MT (Phone call from Prime Minister Craxi to discuss Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces) [scheduling] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 23 We Major Defence: COI London telegram to Information Item Addressees (Statement to House of Commons by Minister of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs: INF negotiations) [UK response to Soviet withdrawal from talks] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 24 Th Major Defence: Andropov letter to MT (deployment of American medium-range nuclear missiles in UK) ["your Government does not value the maintaining of good relations with the Soviet Union... However we would not like to regard the situation arisen as irreversible"] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 25 Fr Major Defence: UKDel NATO telegram to FCO ("INF briefing of NAC by Ambassador Nitze") [summary] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 28 Mo Major Defence: UKE Rome telegram to FCO ("INF: Andropov/Craxi measures") [mutual public recriminations over deployment of missiles in Europe] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Nov 30 We Major Defence: Heseltine PS letter to No.10 (Ground Launched Cruise Missile delivery programme) [clarification of information provided in Heseltine letter of 24 November] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Dec 5 Mo Major Defence: UKE Moscow telegram to FCO ("INF: Soviet press conference") [arms control talks; Western deployment; Andropov's health] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Dec 5 Mo Major Defence: MT message to Andropov (Geneva Arms Control Agreement) ["we cannot accept that you should maintain a monopoly of intermediate range missiles in Europe... We deeply regret your decisions to suspend the Geneva negotiations"] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Dec 7 We Major Defence: UKE Moscow telegram to FCO ("East-West relations and INF: Soviet policy and propaganda") [analysis/arms control talks; "lack of direction in the Soviet leadership... the Alliance should do what it can to encourage the Russians to decide in favour of quiet negotiation, not public declamation"] [declassified Jan 2014]
83 Dec 15 Th Major Defence: UKE Bonn telegram to FCO ("INF Deployment: Announcement of Pershing II IOCS") [attainment of Initial Operating Capability: timing of public announcement] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jan 16 Mo Major Defence: Heseltine minute to Howe ("INF - Shorter Range Systems") [role in Long Range INF negotiations; respective numbers of SS20, SS12/22, SS1/23 Soviet missiles deployed] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Jan 20 Fr Major Defence: Howe PS letter to No.10 ("Strategic co-operation with the French") [lines to take for meeting with Mitterrand] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Mar 1 Th Major Defence: Howe PS letter to No.10 ("Visit by Mr Lubbers: INF") [lines to take for MT to call to Lubbers in event that Dutch Cabinet decides on reduced deployment of cruise missiles] [declassified Jan 2014]
84 Apr 23 Mo Major Defence: UKE The Hague telegram to FCO ("Netherlands/INF") [Dutch Cabinet decision imminent on deployment of cruise missiles; advice on timing of MT call to Lubbers] [declassified Jan 2014]