1982 Dec 1 - 1983 Oct 28
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Zimbabwe (Internal situation; trial of air force officers on sabotage charges; sale of Hunter aircraft; British Military Advisory and Training Team (BMATT); status of Joshua Nkomo in UK) (Part 3)

Document type: File list item
Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2013 Aug 1
Classification: Top Secret
Page count: 308
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83 Sep 26 Mo Major Zimbabwe: UKHC Harare telegram to FCO ("Mugabe's Speech") [text; "we do not accept intimidation from any quarter... Britain lay off"] [declassified Aug 2013]
83 Sep 30 Fr Major Zimbabwe: UKE Pretoria telegram to FCO ("South Africa/Zimbabwe") [South African views] [declassified Aug 2013]
83 Oct 27 Th Major Zimbabwe: UKHC Harare telegram to FCO ("AFZ officers") [release] [declassified Aug 2013]
83 Oct 27 Th Major Zimbabwe: Howe minute to MT ("Sale of RAF Hunters to Zimbabwe") [counter-argument for proceeding with sale despite Heseltine concern in his minute to MT regarding "clear moral and presentational difficulties... at a time when ex-RAF officers are being monstrously treated in that country"] [declassified Aug 2013]
83 Oct 28 Fr Major Zimbabwe: No.10 record of conversation (MT, Howe) ["Zimbabwe": Rifkind visit; sale of RAF Hunters; aid; detained Air Force officers; programme loan agreement] [declassified Aug 2013]