1983 May 27 - 1983 Oct 2
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Economic policy (G7 Summit - Williamsburg) (Part 13)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2013 Aug 1
Classification: Secret
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83 Jun 8 Wed Economic Policy: UKE Moscow telegram to FCO ("The Soviet government statement of 28 May on nuclear weapons and the Williamsburg summit") ["signs that the Russians were wrong-footed by the unity and firmness of the Williamsburg statement... the fact remains that... The Russians continue to draw more attention to the possibility of Soviet counter-deployment"] [declassified Aug 2013]
83 Jun 10 Fri Economic Policy: Cabinet Office record of conversation (President Mitterrand: invitation to the Prime Minister for an informal bilateral meeting and his views on the economic summits) [Robert Armstrong, Jacques Attali] [declassified Aug 2013]
83 Jun 13 Mon Economic Policy: MT letter to President Figueiredo (Williamsburg Economic Summit) ["We aim to sustain recovery, and to spread its benefits beyond the Summit countries, by strengthening the open trading system"] [declassified Aug 2013]
83 Jun 15 Wed Economic Policy: President Reagan letter to MT (Williamsburg Economic Summit) ["I particularly appreciated your taking time out from your busy campaign schedule... Your firm support and leadership were vital... [sent] the Soviets a clear signal...Your government's economic policies have proved the wisdom of the key principles laid out in the declaration"] [declassified Aug 2013]
83 Jun 27 Mon Economic Policy: MT letter to President Reagan (Williamsburg Economic Summit) ["successful demonstration of... unity and purpose... resist[ed] Soviet attempts to drive a wedge between us... We shall take all the necessary action in the new Parliament to fulfil our part of the commitments which we made"; comments on Bush] [declassified Aug 2013]
83 Jul 19 Tue Economic Policy: US Embassy London letter to No.10 (messages from the President to the Prime Minister) [cover note] [declassified Aug 2013]
83 Oct 22 Sat Economic Policy: White House letter to No.10 (Mr. Streator's luncheon) [courtesy letter of thanks to Andrew Turnbull for his attendance] [declassified Aug 2013]